Raydale Dower (born Aberdeen, 1973). Lives and works in Glasgow.

Recent solo projects include: Intervals, GI 2018, CCA. Sound and light installation, employing a concert scale 5:1 surround sound PA and lighting rig, composed of 1 second fragments of sound and light, programmed to playback at minute intervals continuously 24hrs a day for 71 hours and 11minutes;¬†Chamber of Maiden Thought, Glasgow, a group exhibition, featuring the artist’s work, and initiated by Dower with curator Graham Domke (both 2018); The Gift, Peacock Visual Arts, Aberdeen – commissioned design and renovation of new visual art project space The W OR M, accompanied by city wide print campaign and solo exhibition within new project space (2016-17).

Image: On Memory and Chance, Raydale Dower, Changing Room, Stirling, 2010 (Photograph by Ruth Clark)