The Glasgow-based visual artist Raydale Dower will be based at Cove Park for six weeks during the summer of 2019.

The treatment of space through the lens of cultural, social and sonic signifiers is a continuing component of Raydale Dower’s practice. His work can be understood as sculptural, combining elements to create installations that include sound, object, events and situations. Dower’s projects often return to exploring the cross-pollination between music and art, Intervals for Glasgow International 2018; Le Drapeau Noir, Glasgow International 2010; Piano Drop, Tramway, 2011 and in the group exhibition Continue without losing consciousness, DCA, 2014. This approach is underpinned and informed by personal experience playing in bands and working within collectives, coupled with a long-term interest in musical theory, underground sub-cultures, anarchic philosophy and their relationship to avant-garde movements.

Image: Raydale Dower, Le Drapeau Noir, Glasgow, 2010 (Photograph by Neil Davidson).