Priya Ravish Mehra is a graduate of Visvabharti University, Snatiniketan, West Bengal, and studied Tapestry Weaving at the Royal College of Art, London and West Dean College, Sussex. She is a published writer, textile artist and researcher.
Her current research focuses on textiles in the context of repair and renewal. Engaging with an Indian community called the Rafoogari who are skilled in a particular darning technique with which they invisibly repair textiles from India and around the world, the artist has developed the project over a number of years and has travelled with Indian Rafoogars to different parts of the world, for example ‘Common Goods‘ a project in Australia for the 2006 Common Wealth Games which involved the darners restoring the Eureka Flag.
She also is the founder of the ‘New Dehli Residency’, an artist residency programme designed to facilitate cultural exchange, sustaining traditional crafts and providing ethical means of creativity for designers and artists working in all disciplines.