Laura Spark is a visual artist applying animation across theatre, installation, live performance and film.

Originally from Ayrshire Laura is now based in Liverpool where she works collaboratively with a diverse range of community and theatre companies, as well as across the Uk from Dundee to London. Laura is committed to accessibility and equality in her fields and where possible offers internships, volunteers as a mentor and works in partnerships to build access into live and digital performance.

Laura has a Masters in Animation from The Royal College of Art. Her short films have played international festivals, and she has made commissioned work for numerous events and organisations including Metal Culture, York Mediale and Abandon Normal Devices.

Drawing on themes from folk, myth, horror and psychedelia, Laura’s personal work seeks to interpret our relationship to the natural world with a particular focus on emotional responses to climate change and the age of Anthroposcene. 

The Scottish landscape has always been a key inspiration for Laura and she will be spending her time at Cove park exploring ideas of sentient landscapes, considering how to animate the natural world as a non-human character.