Penelope Brook is a New Zealand-born, UK-based artist who graduated with an MA in textiles from
the Royal College of Art in 2023. Her practice, grounded in walking, has evolved as a conversation
across photography, print, spoken word and hand-stitch. Her hand-work seeks to evoke the stillness
to be found through walking, to memorialize those fleeting encounters with the marvellous that
arrive when we still ourselves sufficiently to see, and to invite reflection on the beauty that we need,
after all, to be whole. Her work at the RCA was inspired by her love of fungi, mosses and lichens:
their mysterious calligraphies; the way they soften a gravestone or a log pile; the way they charge
the grey of a rain-swept day with improbable and seductive colour; their at-once persistence and
vulnerability. At Cove Park, Penelope looks forward to reflecting on and deepening an emergent
project on the small and large worlds of the tidal zone – that place of forever breaking and remaking,
at the shifting meeting point of land, sea and air.