Sylvia Waltering was born in Germany and based in Manchester. Her creative practice uses a variety of media, such as photography, printmaking, writing and artist books to explore how we make sense of place and strive to belong.

The physical experience of place through walking and ‘taking part in the existence of things’ (Keats) inspires visual storytelling that explores the relationships between external places and emotional, internal landscapes. Through her work she encourages a (re-evaluation) of our understanding of and interactions with natural surroundings. She is interested in exploring how non-human things occupy an active role in human lives and can become active agents in the creative process.

Sylvia plans to expand her recently developed skills in Japanese Woodblock Printing (Mokuhanga) through practical experimentation in the studio space at Cove Park. She is also looking forward to having focused time to reflect, research and gather new material towards a body of work that will combine her printmaking, photography and writing.

Image provided by the artist.