Beverley Hood’s work interrogates the impact of technology and science on the body, relationships and human experience, through digital media and performance arts projects. She works collaboratively, developing projects involving a range of practitioners, including medics, scientists, writers, technologists, actors, dancers and composers. Although her work utilises technology, it is not techno-centric and is rather, a critical interrogation of its fallibility, reliability and applications. Her projects have been performed, screened and exhibited at leading international venues and events.

At Cove Park she will work on a new hybrid, digital and in person, performance project exploring how emotional responses of actors and different acting styles are mapped by AI driven sentiment recognition systems, using natural language processing, face recognition and biometrics. The residency will allow the artist to reflect on pilot project materials created with actor Pauline Goldsmith in Spring/Summer 2021 and to collate these materials (videos, scripts, plans) into an upcoming TramwayTV episode, to be presented in 2022 as an open rehearsal.

The project is supported by Tramway Supports, Edinburgh College of Art and the University of Edinburgh.

Image: It’s all about the feelings, Beverley Hood, 2021