Bonnie Radcliffe is a writer whose work explores storytelling and the sea, women and water, nature, motherhood and folklore. She loves exploring character, especially the seemingly mundane or unappreciated, and uses setting to evoke a strong sense of mood. She would be adrift without stories.

While primarily a writer, Bonnie also paints and draws, and finds the two disciplines feed and inform each other. While working on her first novel, she primarily focused on acrylic pouring, always in shades of blue, to capture the sea she was deprived of during lockdown. She is now exploring charcoal as a medium for landscapes. She has previously written for The Outdoor Swimming Society and Dear Damsels.

She plans to use her time at Cove Park to work on her second novel – a story about an aspiring artist returning home to Orkney to care for her dying mother and finding herself haunted by the witchcraft trials of 1643.