Patricia Haemmerle, born in Switzerland

PhD (1996), University of Zurich. (Dissertation: ‘Silhouette of Time. Photography and Reality’). 1997 Move with son (14) to New York. General Studies Certificate Program at the International Center of Photography (ICP), NY. Subsequently independent studies in video editing, 16-mm film, figure drawing, printing techniques at ICP, The New School and the School of Visual Arts. 2003 Return to Zurich, Switzerland. Photography project in Poland. Residencies in Venice, (Italy) London and Vienna. 2009 – 2012 based in Berlin. Projects in Venice, Berlin, New York. (Photography/Drawing). Since 2004 project in Venice (Installation).

For years I have been working on a cycle called Out of the Dark. It encompasses photography, luminograms, photocopies, drawings, silkscreens, reverse glass paintings, collected things from nature, overpaintings, book pages treated with pigments and minerals, collages, cut outs – using comics, found imagery, old books, etc.

During the residency, which I see as a kind of crossroads, I want to draw intensively (pencil, colored pencil, oil pencils) and I also plan to do some color studies. Some of the drawings will later serve as templates for (reverse glass) paintings, hopefully in a whole new color palette, inspired by the light and nature in Cove Park.