Amy Pennington makes work that uses humour to connect human experiences and socio-political issues. They use everyday materials and accessible processes to challenge the binaries of ‘high and low art’, often using queer mechanisms such as campness or satire Amy makes drawings, books, DIY film and improvised performance.

Amy has made work within institutions as well as self-organised groups and in the public realm. They have been commissioned by TATE Liverpool, Battersea Art Centre, PEER, SLG, Pump House gallery, In-situ, Home live art Heart Of Glass, Left Coast, The National festival of making, LADA, and have closely worked with Open Barbers, Mildmay Care home, The Outside Project, and LGSMigrants.

At Cove Park Amy will be working on their film “How does if feel?” Which is a collaborative film with their family exploring adoption, class, community and reconnection. They will also be experimenting with some new performance work and film all around their non binary identity.