Fran Quinlan has an intensely embodied process driven drawing practice, with a quiet ritualised character, exploring materiality and the transformative quality of paper; its visual and actual weight.

Practical research drives reflective curiosity around the reality of impermanence, fragility and shifting land and seascape, delving into historical and contemporary issues of human migration and displacement.  Immersing herself in the ephemeral nature of light and the sea, Frans examines through drawing, the shifting rhythms of shoreline edges that create borders and boundaries. Gathering soils and natural materials from beaches where she is working, she creates inks that become traces within the drawing process to establish place.

An Alumni from Arts University Bournemouth, Fran develops and delivers participatory workshops across a range of institutions and public settings, including Arts University Bournemouth where she works as a Visiting Tutor in Foundation Studies, BA Animation and Widening Participation.

Fran’s time at Cove Park will be an opportunity for her to immerse herself in the shoreline, geology, landscape and local stories, creating both ancient and contemporary meaning. Media art