I am a South African artist and Fine Art student and having been living in Scotland for about 10 years. My practise centres around extracting imagery from the constant, ceaseless flow of the Internet and other dominant sources of visual culture and re- contextualising them through drawing. I am interested in enticing the viewer to resist the passive consumption of media encouraged by the internet by encouraging agency and critique. I find working with pencil especially interesting as I think that the unremarkable properties of graphite pencil drawings create a beguiling and captivating effect, which entices and draws the viewer in to observe the subtle details that make up the drawing whilst laying bare the simple materials that makeup the image.

Therefore, in response to the rapid flow of imagery we encounter as a result of the internet’s domination over our lives, I am interested in using drawing as a form of opposition to the fleeting nature of imagery. By isolating digital images, alienating them from their context and reproducing them through an analogue process, I would like to explore how one can encourage considered, conscious and slow observation of not only an artwork but any form of media.