Anthea Hamilton’s practice comprises installation, sculpture and performance. Her work is executed with the most visually economical means of communicating a body of research, sensation or personal experience. It is normally produced upon commission and responds to the nature of the invitation, meaning it is always made site-specifically and with consideration to the location, the cultural and political environment and to personal circumstances at that time. Hamilton’s practice develops through thematic research and collaborative processes and she has stated that ‘Work has been at its best when in the most complicated settings, searching for the most pragmatic solutions and manifesting them in the most theatrical and ambitious ways I can.’

This residency offers a period of reflection and research following a particularly intense period of exhibition making and production. Based in London, the residency will also provide a dramatically different physical space and a new set of parameters within which the artist can explore new ideas and conversations.

Image: Tate Britain Commission 2018: The Squash, Courtesy the Artist (Photo, Seraphina Neville)