Alkmini Gkousiari is a Greek artist living and working in Glasgow. She works with a variety of mediums and predominantly in spaces outside of the white cube, collaborating with artists, landscapes and communities.

Gkousiari’s visual and written work occupies a purely mythological space. With theatricality, the subject is always something not quite of our global human society, but rather of an intangible realm outside of common time. She describes her work as ‘…an attempt to excavate buried narrative material and bring it into the tangible present through text, sound, object, movement.’

At Cove Park Gkousiari will explore and develop further her symbolism and mythological archive. She is also interested in the similarities between Greek and Scottish pre-Christian traditions and connections with its lands and the context of Cove Park, its landscape and rural location, is particularly relevant for this current aspect of Gkousiari’s research.

We are grateful to the Bridge Awards for their ongoing support of and commitment to this residency.

Image: Alkmini Gkousiari, Performance 1, ‘Chronus’s indigestion’ Multimedia Installation and Storytelling performance Globe Gallery Grabowsee Residency Germany 2020 (photography, Max Lunn)