ViceVersa translation workshops bring together experienced literary translators working with the same language pairing, in both directions. The one-week residency at Cove Park is a an opportunity for ten translators between English and German to workshop current projects with their peers in an intensive but supportive environment. While extremely creative and rewarding, literary translation is a notoriously lonely pursuit – so a chance to talk shop with other translators is always welcome. What exactly does this sentence mean in the original, what allusions do others hear in that passage, how would a sulky teenager say this, what challenges do all participants face, and what approach works best with a specific text? Working on a range of literature from Beat poetry to contemporary German noir, the participants will learn from each other and hone their craft, helping to make the literary world a richer place. This one-week workshop will be led by Katy Derbyshire (Berlin, Germany) and Tanja Handels (Munich, Germany).

The participants and their translation projects are as follows:

Florian Bissig (Munich, Germany): Jack Kerouac, Mexico City Blues (prose poems)
Barbara Christ (Frankfurt, Germany): Simon Stephens, A Dark, Dark, Dark Blue (drama)
Ingo Herzke (Hamburg, Germany): A.L. Kennedy, The Road of Loving Hearts (novel)
Sharon Howe (Sidmouth, UK): Ulrike Draesner, Die Verwandelten (novel)
Anna-Christin Kramer (Annapolis, USA): Sarah Gilmartin, Service (novel)
Anne Posten (Berlin, Germany): Ilse Aichinger, Der Bastard (short story)
Anna von Rath (Berlin, Germany): Francesca Ekwuyasi, Butter Honey Pig Bread (novel)
Bradley Schmidt (Leipzig, Germany) : Elina Penner, Nachtbeeren (novel)
Imogen Taylor (Berlin, Germany): Gabriele Reuter, Ellen von der Weiden (novel)
Rachel Ward (Wymondham, UK): Simone Buchholz, Knastpralinen (crime novel)

This programme is organised by TOLEDO, a programme of the Deutscher Übersetzerfonds and supported by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media (Germany), in collaboration with Cove Park and Goethe Institut Glasgow.

Image: ViceVersa, Deutsch-BKMS Tribalj/Kroatien, 2019, Luka Godec.