During the summer and autumn of 2022, the Glasgow-based artist, curator, and culinary designer Rudy Kanhye has been commissioned to work with Cove Park on a series of public events and dinners connected directly to the development of two Unexpected Gardens here on the Roseneath peninsula, as part of the nationwide Dandelion project.

Rudy is an interdisciplinary artist, curator and culinary designer of Mauritian heritage, interested in exploring untold histories and promoting art that is created for communities.

Focusing on art as a powerful force to retune perceptions, his research takes the form of exhibitions, publications and public lectures. Committed to communicating and testing ideas, he has exhibited and curated exhibitions internationally. His multifaceted art practice predominantly focuses on issues of empowerment, co-creation and complicating binary structures within social discourses. He is exploring the complex statute of being mixed race and the multi-positional cultural identities through the lens of food.

During his series of short residencies at  Cove Park, Rudy will emphasise the social and cultural importance of food and the importance of cooking and eating together. Within a Climavore diet and inspired by the shore, the menus he will create will aim to direct the conversation around colonisation, food scarcity and climate change.

Rudy is the co-director of the gunny bag collective, Art Producer and founder of the Harvest festival (an empty gunny bag cannot stand) 2020 in Glasgow.

Image: Rudy Kanhye at the shoreline of Loch Long, May 2022 (photography by Sarah Frood).