Ruth Claxton is known for her large scale, site responsive installations and public sculptures which often use reflective and mirrored surfaces to create complex, interconnecting visual ‘worlds’ inhabited by smaller figurative works. Referencing display systems and architecture, and drawing on languages of art, craft and design, these works usually consist of a series of evolving components that coalesce for a moment in a particular space and then move on. The relationship between object and surface, an exploration of hierarchies of display and attempts to choreograph and orchestrate ‘looking’ are key to the artist’s practice, alongside a general interest in the digital mediation of contemporary life.

During her five week residency, Claxton intends to explore different materials and processes and to develop new sculptures and installations that are activated by a viewer’s physical presence.

Cove Park’s UK Visual Arts Residencies support established visual artists based in the United Kingdom. These residencies enable artists to develop new work and, in many cases for the first time, to spend a prolonged period living and working in Scotland. Recent residents include Adam Chodzko, Mike Cooter, Chris Evans, Ruth Ewan, Melissa Gordon, Anja Kirschner, Olivia Plender and Alison Turnbull.