Laia Jufresa is a Mexican author based in Scotland, focussing primarily upon fiction. During her residency at Cove Park she will work on her second novel¬†WISHBONE. This is an ambitious project requiring research on a broad spectrum of themes such as: forced disappearances in Mexico, colour theory and chromatics, common expressions in German, pet octopuses, and the gentrification of Leith. The story spans twenty years and six cities: as a work, it is, in some senses, a ‘citizen of nowhere’, which requires its author to transcend her current domestic set-up in Edinburgh to be in many places. Laia plans to hone the details of those worlds: the smells, sounds, sights and languages of the settings, as well as the internal, psychological and emotional landscapes of the characters.

Image: Laia Jufresa (photography by Claudia Leal)