We are pleased to welcome Eric Chi-Puo Lin to Cove Park this summer, in our ongoing series of residencies for Taiwanese writers and researchers.

A literary writer, a journalist, an artist, and an art critic, Lin paints a picture by taking three different threads —’literary creation’, ‘trend observations,’ and ‘news reporting’ —and weaving them into a cohesive image.

He also devotes himself equally across multiple disciplines, including writing, photography and social design, and values them all. In his work, he explores the mystery of aesthetics, philosophy, and the senses. His style is based on the textual context as a medium, so that the phonological picture crosses to the other shore of the stacked narrative. He takes inspiration from objects and languages from different places and eras and turns them into poetic imagery with rational interpretations.

Lin has worked as Deputy Editor-in-Chief at Business Today magazine, Chief Editorial Writer at Common Wealth Magazine Group, Foreign Correspondent for the United Daily News, News Director at Global Views Monthly, Special correspondent for GQ magazine, Presenter at Voice of Han, and Art Director at Queen Stone Jewelry. He has received several awards including literary prizes, art awards, journalism awards, and publication awards.

His writing in recent years have focused on two topics: ‘Fold in Time and Space’ and ‘Practicing How to Live.’ During his residency at Cove Park, he will explore the visible/invisible details and natural/unnatural dynamics in Scotland to further develop a series of writing and photography and experiment with new ideas that he discovers at Cove Park.

This residency is made possible with support from the Taiwan Ministry of Culture.