This micro-residency supports recent graduates Cosmo Wezenbeek and Michael Becker.

Cosmo is a recent graduate from Architecture at the Edinburgh University with an interest in applying a multidisciplinary approach to architectural discourse to interrogate experiences and other modes of understanding our environment. This is leading to a practice investigating and scrutinising how we perceive and document visual information using different media, with the aim to produce methodologies that explore spatial concepts beyond architectural reality through the realm of the experiential and immaterial.

Michael also graduated from Architecture at the University of Edinburgh in the summer of 2023 and is working part time at an Edinburgh based design studio. He is passionate about drawing and making as methods of research, investigation and design. Interested in alternative materials, archaic methods and the potentials of modernity, his work explores the role of the architect and architectural drawing as it relates to labour and the construction site.

Image: Cosmo Wezenbeek, ‘The Hydrological Commons’.