2015 is the first year Cove Park have hosted the RCA / Eddie Mundy “Brilliant” Award Fellowship. It supports an exceptional graduate from the Royal College of Art (RCA) Design Products course with the time and space to further develop ideas established at college within a stimulating environment of professional artists working in a diverse range of mediums.

The residency is a partnership between Cove Park, the Royal College of Art (RCA) and the Eddie Mundy “Brilliant” Award, kindly funded by The Inches Carr Trust.

Working between installation and product, Gemma designs electronics with a reduced analogue aesthetic to create optimistic experiences with technology that engage at both an imaginative and intellectual level. Her work stretches across a range of mediums that combine code with physical objects that have a particularly graphical aesthetic. She is particularly focused towards interaction with digital audio content with a meticulous attention to detail that stems from her fascination with buttons, stacking objects and all things mottled.

During her residency, she intends to elaborate on her graduation piece Radio Activity, which explores physical interfacing for online music. She aims to develop a range of new objects that focus on different tactile inputs for a variety of online platforms. Due to the different set of materials and machinery at her disposal, she hopes the residency will provide her with a different visual outcome than her previous work.

The Eddie Mundy “Brilliant” Award was initiated in 2012 by friends and family of the late Eddie Mundy, a previous RCA student and member of staff. The Award aims to celebrate Eddie’s original personality and experimental approach to design by awarding a graduate displaying a similar flair and spirit a great opportunity to be brilliant!