Nelly Kelly is a proudly trans and autistic playwright, dramaturg and drag performer. Currently they are interested in making work around themes of unapologetic and defiant trans joy as a resistance to the trauma connected to when trans people are usually given space to speak in art and media.

They are coming to Cove Park to redraft their play Waiting for God…’s Only Child, which they have been working on as part of their New Playwrights Award with Playwrights’ Studio, Scotland and in collaboration with Queen Jesus Productions. This play has been written for the trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming ensemble of eight that Nelly has worked with, with Queen Jesus Productions. The play delves into the stories of the Saints through a trans lens, celebrating the fact that we’ve always been here, and it is set in heaven providing a joyful backdrop free of the complexities associated with navigating Earth as a trans person. It is part play, part queer club performance, with queer performance and queer lives at the heart of it.