Rosanna Hall is a Glasgow-based, female playwright who has been writing for around ten years. She attained a Masters degree in Writing for Theatre and Performance from the University of Edinburgh in 2012 and enjoys working in a variety of ways including devising, collaboration, performance poetry and solo structured playwriting projects.

Recently she has been working with a variety of youth and community theatres including Toonspeak and Birds of Paradise’s youth group Bebop. Rosanna is also a cellist, playing with several bands and enjoys using music, particularly when writing poetry. Rosanna particularly likes making political work, geared towards the sections of society to which theatre does not normally speak. She has worked with long term unemployed youth, care leavers and young offenders, helping to build confidence, share stories and bridge gaps, allowing their stories to be contextualised and heard.

Rosanna’s solo projects often take a social dimension, and she is very interested in how structure provides a puzzle for an audience to decode, believing the story is how it is told as much as what it is about. She enjoys making her audience work for their meal, encouraging provocation through playfulness and questioning.

Rosanna is a member of the BBC Writers Room and recipient of a Playwright Studio New Playwrights Award.