Hannah comes to Cove Park this August through the Jerwood Performing Arts residencies, programmed by Fuel Theatre. In a new development for 2014, former participants will each nominate emerging artists new to both Cove Park and Fuel to take up this year’s residency opportunities. The nominated artists will work with Fuel either on a specific project, or for the more general development of their creative practice. The residencies will take place in May, June, July and August this year.

Cove Park is most grateful for the continued support of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation for making this work possible.

Hannah Jane Walker is a poet, scriptwriter and producer described by Whatsonstage as ‘quietly profound’. Her poems are full of sharp edges and unexpected angles as well as warmth and empathy for fellow humans. With collaborator Chris Thorpe she has made ‘The Oh Fuck Moment’ a ‘clever, strangely poignant mix of poetry and performance’ The Guardian and ‘I Wish I Was Lonely’ ‘so cunningly and playfully constructed, that it feels like a gift’ The Guardian. The shows are part performance, part poetry gig and part interactive experience, they are about the difficult and uplifting moments we face in the process of trying to be a person. Hannah has extensively toured nationally and internationally, had plays and poems published by Oberon Books, Penned in the Margins and Nasty Little Press, run workshops in widely unusual places such as trains and boats and produced projects which put young people at the centre of their own learning and take creative risks. She is currently working with Chris Thorpe on new show about who we all think we are.