Laura comes to Cove Park this June through the Jerwood Performing Arts residencies, programmed by Fuel Theatre. In a new development for 2014, former participants will each nominate emerging artists new to both Cove Park and Fuel to take up this year’s residency opportunities. The nominated artists will work with Fuel either on a specific project, or for the more general development of their creative practice. The residencies will take place in May, June, July and August this year.

Cove Park is most grateful for the continued support of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation for making this work possible.

Laura Mugridge is a theatre maker, comedian and writer.  She is also co-director of The Campsite, a mobile pop-up venue supporting theatre, music and film in tiny spaces. Her first solo show ‘Running on Air’ was performed in her 1978 VW campervan for 5 people at once and her current show ‘The Watery Journey of Nereus Pike’ is the story of an old man floating to the bottom of the sea, where he becomes myth and magic.  Laura’s work has an emphasis upon audience participation and playfulness. She is interested in tiny details and how they connect us all. She is currently working on a new piece about birth and midwifery, inspired by the homebirth she had in 2012. She is also writing her first book.

Whilst at Cove Park Laura will be collaborating with three other theatre makers, Tom Frankland, Rachel Mars and Jamie Wood.