Hanna comes to Cove Park this June through the Jerwood Performing Arts residencies, programmed by Fuel Theatre. In a new development for 2014, former participants will each nominate emerging artists new to both Cove Park and Fuel to take up this year’s residency opportunities. The nominated artists will work with Fuel either on a specific project, or for the more general development of their creative practice. The residencies will take place in May, June, July and August this year.

Cove Park is most grateful for the continued support of the Jerwood Charitable Foundation for making this work possible.

Artist and composer Hanna Tuulikki is inspired by a desire to unearth our relationship with the lore of places and a wish to dissolve the dividing line that has been created between our consciousness and the more-than-human world. Though her practice crosses over a range of visual and sound-based forms, she works primarily with the voice, to create place-specific compositions and performances. Drawings and visual scores extend her work with sound, as a way to illustrate subject-matter, creative process, and, sometimes, elements of narrative.

Her best known work to date, Air falbh leis na h-eòin | Away with the Birds, is a multi-disciplinary arts project that has evolved over the past four years. It explores the tradition of mimesis of birds in Gaelic song. At the heart of the project is a vocal composition Guth an Eòin | Voice of the Bird, written for a female vocal ensemble, reinterpreting archive, fragmenting and then re-weaving extracts of songs into an extended soundscape. In August this year it will be performed in the harbour on the Isle of Canna, as part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme.

Other recent works include spinning-in-stereo, a composition for two voices, presented as a visual score, and vinyl LP for GENERATION at The Travelling Gallery (2014); Guth an Eòin | Voice of the Bird, pen & ink visual score at Cape Farewell’s Sea Change exhibition, Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh, (2013 – 2014) and Between the Late and Early, RSA (2013); sea saw the circle, a composition for string quartet and musical saw commissioned by The Red Note Ensemble (2012); Heliotrope, sound for an installation exploring our relationship with seasonality (2012); High-slack-low-slack-high, a site-specific composition and performance by the river Clyde as part of GI Festival (2012). Recent performances include her vocal composition Guth an Eòin | Voice of the Bird at BBC Symphony Orchestra’s Tectonics festival and during a residency at Glasgow’s Tramway. Her work has been featured on BBC Radio 4’s The Echo Chamber, a series about new poetries, and BBC Radio 3’s The Verb. She lives in Glasgow where she also fronts Glasgow-based bands Two Wings.

At Cove Park, Hanna Tuulikki will begin a new series of outdoor vocal compositions that incorporate choreographed movement and gesture into musical scores. She will use performance to camera as a method to explore the relationship between the voice, the body, and the landscape.

Tuulikki’s existing compositional practice is to develop music from her own vocal work, recording demos, which she translates into scores for other voices and/or instruments. During this residency she will explore the new possibilities that composing with a video camera offer, experimenting with film by layering moving image and audio. Her aim is to create a series of voice-choreography demos and devise sketches for vocal-movement scores.



Away with the birds | Air falbh leis na h-eòin

Photo by Alex Boyd, April 2014

Performances take place on the Isle of Canna, August 2014 as part of as part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme and at Tramway, September 2014