Edward Gwynn Jones works primarily with moving image. His work utilises appropriated moving images, artefacts, and sound to antagonise the relationships between perceived concurrent binaries and how they inform collective and individual postulations of time. Ed graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2019 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, Sculpture and Time-Based Arts, and received his MFA from the Glasgow School of Art in 2021.

Inspired by an absurd story by Peter Gabriel, Genesis indulges in moments of ‘switch’ and explores our relationship to artificial light. The artefacts and appropriated characteristics of modernist design in the video form the edges of a world built on convoluted references, while the decidedly twee Englishness of Gabriel’s fable help reinvent electricity and light in moral terms.

The Ivan Juritz Prize was established in 2014 to celebrate the creative explosion of the modernist era and reward art that seeks to ‘make it new’. Postgraduate students throughout Europe either from traditional academic disciplines or from creative courses are invited to submit texts, films, musical compositions, virtual documentation of artwork, excerpts of moving image work and proposals for installation and performance. Entrants are encouraged to play with form to make us think, feel and question.

The prize is a collaboration between the Centre for Modern Literature and Culture at King’s College London and Cove Park, Further information on the Prize and all its recipients is available here.