Cove Park’s International Crafts programme expresses our commitment to supporting established international designer/makers and creating ways in which these individuals can engage with artists, organizations and audiences in Scotland. Previous international craft residents include Carolina Apolonia, Johannes Nagel and Tilleke Schwartz.

Hilda Hellstrom is a Swedish product designer.  Since graduating from the RCA in 2012 Hellstrom has been Shortlisted for the Modern Craft Project and completed two major commissions for Swarovski Crystal.

She takes a philosophical approach to her craft-based practice, thoroughly researching a story before making.  Working with materials appropriate to a given theme including earth and film, she explores the notion of myth and the narrative within objects.

On residency at Cove Park Hellstrom intends to do research into the spread of Ash Tree Dieback in the UK to develop into a new body of work.