Tomoko Otani is a Japanese artist based in Tokyo. She graduated from Musashino Art University corresponding course in 2022, specialising in printing. She also gained a degree in Journalism, Film and Broadcasting from Cardiff University in 2000. When she works in her studio in Tokyo she uses techniques such as lithography, photography, collage and monotype printing. She also experiments with making clothes and mobiles using printed textile and paper.

She currently works on monotypes to capture moments she encounters during travelling. She is a frequent traveller between Japan and the UK, and has just completed residency at the Stiwdio Maelor in Corris, North Wales before starting the residency at Cove Park in February 2023. While staying at Cove Park she aims at producing prints inspired by geometrical forms in natural surroundings and study how they affect ‘feelings’.

She is developing printing methods for travelling with limited choice of tools. She also hopes to connect with other artists and local people during the residency.

In Tokyo, she has taught art to young children during and after her study, and has been shortlisted for the book cover design competition in 2022. She has been participating group exhibitions since 2017.