Associate Annie Crabtree and Seth Hannah will be working on the voiceover script for new moving image work ‘Haunting’ while at Cove Park. ‘Haunting’ asks how identity is formed by place and family of origin using the gothic novel ‘Wuthering Heights’ by Emily Brontë as a vessel to explore addiction, dysfunctional love, and intergenerational trauma.

Annie Crabtree
Annie is an artist, researcher, producer and access worker based in Glasgow. They work with moving image to explore subjectivity and emotion as vessels for challenging dominant social and cultural norms. They explore socio-political structures that affect people’s bodies and lives, informed by the understanding that politics are embodied in everyday lives and emotion is articulated through and within place and space. Their recent works have explored how medicine and science are informed by, and inform, cultural norms, behaviours, and assumptions about bodies deemed ‘out of place’. Annie has undertaken residencies at Hospitalfield and Cove Park, including the Experimental Film and Moving Image Residency in partnership with Alchemy Film and Arts in 2019. They have screened work as part of the London Short Film Festival, Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, and Glasgow International. Annie is currently Project Manager at LUX Scotland, a non-profit agency dedicated to supporting, developing and promoting artists’ moving image practices in Scotland.

Seth Hannah
Seth is a perpetually curious creative. They are currently working on a collaborative film and poetry collection centring on haunting and cyclical trauma themes. Seth is involved in gentle acts of anti-capitalist anarchism and is currently helping to set up an off-grid community with their Queer comrades. The community aims to be completely self-sufficient and create a safe space for those who do not always feel safe within mainstream society. In their spare time, Seth loves making music with friends, visual art, stream of conscious writing not for publication, reading to themself and their friends, cuddling their dog, foraging, DIY, trans/
non-binary literature and historical texts and polishing their shoes and furniture!

Images provided by the artists. Annie Crabtree (left), Seth Hannah (right).