Sebastian Thomas is a visual artist based in Reading whose practice spans sculpture, printmaking, installation, painting & film, central to which are the processes of collage & assemblage. Thomas work is concerned with the fevered relationship between the fiction consumed by the mind and the corporeal landscape and is particularly interested in how it creates a breeding ground for semi-fictional objects, places & protagonists, setting the stage for a retelling where reality & story merge. He’s recently begun to develop a new body of sculptural works in the form of a motley crew of anthropomorphic characters. In order to develop this body of work to its full potential Thomas is thinking about how these works could be sited out in the landscape and how he might go about producing them on a much more ambitious scale.

The 2 week residency at Cove Park will allow for some much needed time and space to think about the nature of siting work outdoors and to begin a process of research and development. The project will then continue with more hands on residencies at Scottish Sculpture Workshop and Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop later this year.

Instagram : @sebastian_thomas_art

Image Credit: Untitled, Tim Bowditch, 2021.