Roy Claire Potter works between performance and experimental writing to think through the production of subtext in speaker-listener interactions, which they extended to readerly encounters with a page. The operation of interpersonal violence is a prevalent theme within their work, as are the motifs of domestic sound, bodily comportment, spatial and group dynamics.

Potter’s live and published work is influenced by linguistic theory and is iteratively constructed over long periods of production and modal translation through acts of writing, reading, and speaking. An editorial concern with sequence and timing extends their experimental writing practice toward moving image and audio production. Collaboration and improvisation with musicians is a frequent feature of Potter’s work and is the focus of this reflective research period at Cove Park.

Recent projects and collaborative works have been commissioned by Cafe OTO (2021), Radiophrenia, Glasgow (2020), Reduced Listening for BBC Radio3 (2020), and by Tate Britain and Tate Publishing (2019).

 Image credit: Roy Claire Potter and Ziúr at Wysing Polyphonic, Jay Parekh,  2019.