Alyson Olson’s practice is concerned with expanded painting through her use of objects, experiences, and the connections she makes with time and space. Her practice considers how the materiality of the works affect the viewer, engaging them in an experience of tension and ‘otherliness’.

During Covid her practice, as for many, focused on her experiences of the woodland near her home. Originally from Glasgow, Alyson has a desire to spend some time at Cove Park to do some research and to enjoy being in her home country. Her recent interest of her Celtic heritage will partly be the focus of her research, alongside the desire and need to be in the countryside working with nature, while slowing down to appreciate the environment with no distractions.

Alyson is a long -standing resident since 2017 at Paradise Works in Salford, Manchester along with around 40 artists. This is an artist run studios with two galleries across three floors of an old building. She is also a part of the Art Direction Group that discuss and organise upcoming events such as the open studios, party and exhibitions that align with the Manchester Contemporary – currently scheduled for 18th November 2023.

Instagram: @alysonjolson