Abbie. L. Plant is a writer and poet based in Yorkshire, where she is currently writing her debut poetry collection ‘lucid dreams, meanderings and the contemplation of nothing’ and studying as an undergraduate at the University of Leeds.

Her recent poem ‘Pheromones’ was displayed at the LEEDS YEAR OF CULTURE 2023 ‘More Than Just Talking’ exhibit in partnership with the charity Communication Matters, who support individuals with Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC). Abbie performed spoken word for the Hour is Write podcast in May 2023, in affiliation with the Congregation of Words at Leeds Literary Festival.

As a neurodivergent and working-class creator, Abbie often focuses upon aspects of the human condition, considering elements of the emotional and abstract. She draws upon philosophical concepts such as existentialism, metaphysics and the ambiguity of ontological nature. Her work exaggerates contemporary themes such as poverty, feminism, and the politically explicit. Her theoretical observations are often drawn from the mundanity of brutalist northern environments she encounters, encompassing a counter-responsive vision to an increasingly over-aesthetical world.

Awarded the Santander Universities Scholarship in March 2023, which will fund her time at Cove Park, Abbie seeks introspective time to establish her practice cathartically, away from ordinary urban distraction.

Image courtesy of Abbie Plant.