Tom Veeger is an award-winning architect, artist, curator and designer. His art and design have been shown in various art-spaces in the Netherlands and internationally. In his work as an artist, he has developed a special interest in the world of theatre, light and set design which is reflected in his performances and installations. In recent years he has worked as a curator organising exhibitions and events in between art, design and technology. He combines this work with his studio practice where he carries out projects in the fields of architecture, visual arts and (lighting) design. In the last 15 years, he has been a part-time Tutor/Lecturer in Architectural Design and Engineering at the University of Technology Eindhoven.

At Cove Park Tom will work on a publication about co-creation in art and architecture, making models and sketches of architectural interventions (follies) and working on outdoor installations

Image, courtesy of Tom Veeger.