Independently-Funded Residencies 2022

11/04/2022 - 18/04/2022

Sara Bor

Sara Bor is a visual artist. The dominant theme of her practice is responding to natural environments.  Nature and landscape have been part of her being since a childhood spent in the Peak District.  The narrative investigates a correlation with the geography of these landscapes and how human interventions have shaped the terrain.  Eroded moorlands, wilderness, the haunting decay of industrial interventions, nature and decomposition provide the site for both an exploration of the physicality of the canvas and the alchemy of the fusion of both found and organic matter.

Following a degree in Fine Art at  West Surrey College of Art and Design, Sara had a career as an animation TV Producer/Director.  In 2007  she returned to her Fine Art roots and studied for an MA at Plymouth University. Her work is represented in several galleries in England and Scotland and has been selected by RWA in Bristol.

Image, Sara Bor, Untitled (alkemi), 2021

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