Daniel is a multi-disciplinary artist and potter from Bolton, based in Manchester. Primarily working with clay, he has exhibited works across the UK and Ireland, as well as teaching regular workshops from his own studio, and others ceramic studios around Manchester.

“Clay continually fascinates me, and my practice is rooted in this admiration for the material. It is so versatile, and pushing the limits of what you can achieve with it is captivating, if sometimes frustrating. It demands a certain respect, and a whole lot of experience to really understand its particularities. The possibilities of making with clay and exploring glaze chemistry are inexhaustible. Since first discovering making with ceramics I have never looked back, it is beginning to feel like a lifelong vocation to the practice.

I mostly make wheel thrown ceramics, though I often incorporate other mediums I work in too, such as drawing, printing and painting, as ceramics is quite accommodating to crossing artistic boundaries.”