Laurence Estanove is a French-born non-fiction writer and crafter/designer based in Glasgow. As a writer, she’s interested in the influence of music on people’s attachment to a particular place; her current project explores the attractiveness of Glasgow’s independent music scene since the early 1980s. Designed as an oral history, the book draws from original interviews with Glaswegian music-makers – musicians, venue owners, DJs, sound engineers, journalists, fans – and from testimonies of listeners worldwide, all woven into an emotional narrative reflecting her own experience of music, fanhood and place. As a sustainably-minded crafter and designer under the name of mice & meys, she creates unique accessories by repurposing discarded material such as umbrella fabric.

Twitter: @lau_estanove
Instagram: @l_a_u__e_s_t_a / @miceandmeys

Image by Audrey Bizouerne