Amna Saleem is a Scottish Pakistani writer with proud working class roots and a background in journalism. During the 2020 Coronavirus lockdown, she accidentally neglected her debut YA (young adult) novel to focus on TV projects, which are now in various stages of development. Amna is delighted to be spending time at Cove Park where she intends to soak up the quiet yet creative ambience as she finally finishes writing the last few chapters of her novel. She has a burgeoning ambition of leaving the residency with not only a completed manuscript but the fleshed out bones of a second one.
Amna’s first sitcom can be heard on BBC Radio Four and her Tedx Talk is available to stream here.
Twitter & Instagram: @AGlasgowGirl
Screenwriting Agent: Matthew Dench at Dench Arnold
Book Agent: Louise Lamont at LBA Books