Following an open call for applications in Autumn 2022, Kirsty Crawford was awarded a 4-week funded residency. Cove Park’s programme of funded residencies support research, the development of existing and new projects, collaboration, interdisciplinary practice, and the production of new work and ideas. All national and international artists, cultural practitioners, and researchers, working individually and collaboratively in all art forms, in the creative industries, and across disciplines, were eligible to apply. Cove Park’s residencies also support individuals at every stage in their careers.

Kirsty Crawford lives in Glasgow. She writes fiction and non-fiction. Her writing has appeared in Porridge Magazine, the Glasgow Guardian and Aurelia Magazine among others. She has been awarded residencies from Joya Arte & Ecologíca and Cove Park and her work explores identity in relation to place, memory, and the body. While at Cove Park, she will continue working on her first novel.