Una Hallgrímsdóttir is a chef and designer based in Sweden. Her work addresses cooking as design practice, exploring food and eating with a creative and critical approach. Una holds a bachelor’s degree from Linnæus University’s Design+Change programme. During her studies in Växjö, she co-founded The Feminist Farmers, a collective project exploring resilient and regenerative farming practices in the local food system. She has catered and held multiple conceptual eating events and workshops which create space for questioning and re-imagining unsustainable eating behaviours for the better.

Food Ecologies is a pilot residency exchange programme between Scotland and Sweden, and a partnership between Cove Park, IASPIS, the Swedish Arts Grants Committee’s international Programme for Visual and Applied Arts, and Linnaeus University. The project was co-founded by IASPIS and British Council Architecture Design Fashion through its Circular Cultures programme.

The residencies are aimed at practitioners and researchers based in the UK and Sweden working around the politics and economics of food, with a focus upon design to develop and implement just, circular and sustainable practices.

The UK-based collaboration Studio Hotmess, a partnership between Charlotte Moore and Maria Saeki, were awarded the Food Ecologies residency at Lunnaeus University, taking place during the autumn of 2022.

Image: Weathered Foods for Anna-Karin Arvidssons vernissage 2020, Photo Credit, Hubert Gaca 2020