Camara Taylor (b.1627, London) is an artist and – – – based in Glasgow. They work with their various selves, collaborators and organisations to produce still and moving images, texts and other things // Recent projects depart from rumour, gossip and ambivalent readings of historical matter | the work tends towards the excesses of dominant discourse(s) and lower frequencies of objection __ mostly in the context of Black life.

In 2021, Camara will exhibit new work in exhibitions at Newbridge Project, Newcastle and Cubitt Gallery, London. Whilst at Cove Park, Camara will be working on the script for a rant! a reel!, their first feature length project which stems from ongoing research into recalcitrant figures and crowds that dis/appear in accounts of 19th and 20th century Scotland.

Image: ‘screaming by citation, lol ur so drama’, 2019, HD video still, Camara Taylor