Hang Linton is a self taught, interdisciplinary artist, working in music, performance, dance, video and installation. Community and collaboration are integral to their work. Personal practice explores otherness through sound and trickster characters. Hang creates ambient sound, electronic music and visuals for dance, performance and live art.  Creative freedom and expression of those who are marginalised is important to Hang and they aim to facilitate or inspire the expressive growth of others through workshops in sound and performance. The aim: to promote joy, creativity, self care and mental well being, especially for those who find the white cube or stage inaccessible / intimidating.    

Hang’s work is a rebellion against clean aesthetics and working underneath capitalist structures which demand high output. They are inspired by nature, cartoons, video games, children, animals and dreams.

In 2021 Hang will also be attending a residency at Wysing Arts Centre (July 2021), focusing on accessible broadcasting with the collective Sickness Affinity Group. Hang will also participate in the SSW x Counterflows Caregivers Residency (August 2021), perform at SPILL Festival with Laura Lulika (October 2021) and release a solo music project.