Mathew Wayne Parkin is an artist, writer and home cook mainly working in moving image with family and friends.  They are particularly interested in autobiography, accent, intimacy, and speech acts in public. Their work is like an armpit, personal and intimate, of the body and relationships – smelling earthy. Mathew tries to resist dominant forms of media and sit against professionalised forms of moving image production through DIY and home video techniques, as well as queer crip analysis.

At Cove Park Mathew will be exploring public sex and its intersection with disability; the instructions from Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson’s SWAMP (1969); and how bats navigate. This will include thinking about various type of recording devices and prosthetics. Part of this research will be shared during Glasgow International festival at Bonjour a new queer bar and community hub in Glasgow.

Image: ‘slope-tend-big’, Mathew Wayne Parkin, installation shot, Grand Union, Birmingham, 2016