Cove Park’s European Residency Programme began in 2019. Devised in response to Brexit, and our wish to continue to develop collaborations and partnerships  with artists and organisations based in EU nations, this programme has to date welcomed 13 artists based in 8 European countries. The residencies are devised and programmed in collaboration with 11 partners from 7 EU nations, many of whom were working with a Scottish organisation for the first time. The artists have been able to produce new work in the studio, devise dance projects, work on new literary translations and collaborate with artists based in Scotland on new films and texts. We are pleased to welcome on of the programme’s first residents, Eva Medin, back to Cove Park this year to develop new work initiated in 2019.

Eva Medin was born in 1988 in Brazil. She has exhibited her work at Palais de Tokyo in 2022, in the Manifesta Biennial in Marseille in 2020, at the Salon de Montrouge in 2019, at the Nuit Blanche de Paris in 2018, at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie and the Art-ORama fair in 2017, as well as at the Révélations Emerige 2017. Her work has also been shown in group exhibitions in London, Los Angeles and at Moca Taipei. Eva Medin was invited to the Chroniques digital art biennial in Marseille.

Eva Medin explores the relationship between art historical forms, speculative science fiction narratives, animistic beliefs and the power of the sublime. Splicing together these various strands in her projects, she generates immersive environments that render visible the awareness of an epochal shift in terms of status between art and activism. The artist regularly refers to the term ‘solastalgia’, a form of melancholy that can suddenly stop any action in its tracks and which reflects the desire to anchor oneself once more and to reconnect with the very Earth we live on. For Eva Medin, the human being is an entity among others, a part of the world’s consciousness on equal footing with forces, organisms and essences who are linked by interactions that, though invisible, are continuous and omnipresent.

Image: Eva Medin

The European Residency Programme is funded by British Council Scotland and Creative Scotland.