Andrey Chugunov is a conceptual artist working at the turn of digital and analogue electronic media. He combines sound art, light installation, generative graphics, technological sculpture, media performances, and readymade in his practice. He researches topics of mortality, temporality, autonomy, and memory decay in his artworks from the perspective of meditative media.  Andrey received the New Faces Award in the Art division at the 22nd Japan Media Arts Festival (2018). He was also nominated for the Sergey Kuryokhin Contemporary Art Award in the categories of Science Art (2020) and Media Art (2022) and received an honourable mention in the Media Art nomination for the FutureTense Award (2022).  In 2019, he won the Art of Neuroscience contest and Niio AI Art Prize nominee as part of the pt9 art group. Andrey was born in Sverdlovsk, USSR and is now based in East Kilbride, Scotland. He has a Master’s degree in Digital Art from the Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok, Russia, participated in the Laboratory of a Young Artist at the State Center for Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg and has a Bachelor’s degree in Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources from Ural Federal University in Yekaterinburg.

Cryptic’s artist residency programme provides professional development time and support for musicians and digital artists to focus exclusively upon their own practice, whilst engaging with other artists and receiving peer-to-peer learning. The emphasis of Cryptic’s residency programme is on research and the development of existing or new work and is not geared towards a final presentation.

This talent development opportunity is essential for both the artists and for Cryptic in nurturing the next generation of creative talent. Ultimately, the combination of international and UK artists at various stages in their career is what makes the learning experience so inspiring and for many artists it’s the ‘must go’ date in their calendar. Since 2012, Cryptic has curated this annual artist residency programme at Cove Park focusing on music, sound and multi-media, with over 78 artists benefitting.

Photography by Anya Marchenkova.