Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor is a printed textile artist and designer based in Glasgow. She specialises in one-off works on linen, for exhibition, interiors and site-specific commissions for public and private spaces. She is the author of ‘Dyeing and Screen-Printing on Textiles’ (Bloomsbury), which is being expanded for a third edition, and does occasional lecturing as well as running courses in her studio.

Her mostly abstract work responds to daily life within the domestic interior, exploring the juxtaposition of the smallest details of household objects to larger architectural elements. The window is an important recurring motif, as a metaphor for a liminal state, and how the effects of time and light change the sense of a place, revealing an internal shifting landscape.

Combining dyeing, painting and screen-printing, she creates multiple layers that push and pull, interleaving shadow and light and imbuing a quiet familiarity and resonance, capturing a moment, atmosphere or environment. This multi-layered approach is logistically complex and is intrinsic to the visual construct of her work, achieving a depth and transparency that creates space that is both architectural and ethereal.

This residency will offer Joanna a much-needed breathing space for contemplation and planning of several projects long-held in the pipeline.

Creative Residencies for Carers is a new Cove Park programme offering short, five-night residencies for unpaid adult carers living in Scotland. This programme is supported by the Short Breaks Fund operated by Shared Care Scotland. It aligns with the aims, objectives, and requirements of this Fund by offering carers respite and supported time to focus upon their own wellbeing.

Image provided by the artist; photography by Ian Marshall.