With this one-month residency Cove Park aims to provide designers and makers based in Scotland with the support required to develop new work at a crucial stage in their careers.

Scarlett’s work draws inspiration from the rich diversity of Chaos theory. Exploring imagery with experimental video work such as optical feedback loops Scarlett then transfers this into physicality using photo etching and experimenting with the vast possibilities of enamel.

Colour, steady movement and growth of pattern are the main factors considered in her design process. She describes her jewellery as traditional styles and details juxtaposed with expressive, washed out enameled details

As Scarlett has developed in her career she has started to integrate new technologies into her work.

This year’s collection combines 3D printing, silver, touches enamel and 18c gold to produce bold, confident and unique pieces of jewellery that empower the wearer.

Since graduating from Glasgow School of art Scarlett has been working from her studio in Glasgow. She regularly exhibits her jewellery in various high-profile shows across the UK each year.