Jenny Steele is a Scottish artist currently based in Manchester. Her practice is motivated by the restorative and uplifting qualities of coastal environments and interwar architecture. This architectural period emphasised social wellbeing, and she revives its optimism and hope through textiles, site-specific artwork, textiles, sculpture and printmaking. Jenny is simultaneously interested in exploring the fluid cross over boundaries within this early modernist period between crafts, architecture, design and fine art, and her work often takes the hybrid between art and design.

Recent solo projects include; The Maiden Voyage, George’s Dock Plaza, Liverpool (2019), Why be exotic in private?, The Foundry Gallery, London (2018-19) and Rogue Project Space, Manchester (2019), This Building for Hope, The Midland, Morecambe (2017), Too Much is Never Enough, The Breakwater, Miami, USA (2017), and An Architecture of Joy, Grundy Art Gallery, Blackpool (2016).

Recent commissions permanent site-specific works for Our Human Library, Crosby Library (2019) and Art B&B, Blackpool, Grundy Art Gallery Courtyard, Blackpool (2016) and recent residencies include The Tetley, Leeds (2017) and The Fountainhead Residency, Miami, USA (2017).