Born in 1976 in Saint Louis, Senegal, Ibrahima Thiam studied economics in Dakar.

Following a workshop organized by Goethe-Institute during the Month of Photography at Dakar in 2009, he found his passion for photography. Self-taught, he is interested in memory, archives, African orality as well as myths and legends. Ibrahima collects pictures, including some from his family archives, his family archives which helps shape his imagination. Recently, he has also been developing a process that highlights the deities of the Lebu communities.

His work was featured in several national and international group exhibitions, including: Raw Material Company, Dakar, Senegal, (2020), The View From Here: Contemporary Perspectives From Senegal, Zuccaire Gallery, SUNY Stony Brook University, New York, USA Unis (2019), Gallery Eulenspiegel, Bale, Switzerland, (2017), Bronx University, New York, United States (2016) as well as Telling Time during the 10th edition of the Bamako Meetings, African Biennial of Photography (2015). He lives and works between Saint Louis and Dakar.

Image, Ibrahima Thiam (photography, Antoine Tempé )